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TAMK's international meeting

Finally after a long wait due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a lot of online work, the team of S.PLA.S.H. finally met live for the first time in TAMK, Tampere (Fi) in March 2022.

We shared the results of the research and training design, to then go on to define the next steps of the project. To enrich the Higher Education Institutiona and University paths with Sales contents and innovative learning methodologies.

Our strength is to have with us a team of experienced sales and marketing colleagues from all over Europe that allow us to enrich our reflections and create solutions that are as useful as possible, suitable for different university and business contexts on the European territory. . A compelling experience that leads us to spread sales education more and more in Europe!

Next stop at FHOO in Steyr (At) for the design of the Online International Sales Competition in October 2022!

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