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IO 1

Profile and program


Coordinator: UNIVPM

IO 1


Profile and program design

The starting point is a common research in the contexts of the partnership, updating the research on training demand and offer. in part this research was carried out in the realization of the first intellectual output of the IN.K.A.M.S. Erasmus+ Project ( ), it is therefore intended to update it with a particular focus on the theme of international sales and digital selling.

IO 2


E-learning platform analysis

The aim of this IO is to study digital platforms suitable for university use and test its use in sales education in international contexts at universities. After the identification of the e-learning platforms in the previous Intellectual Output, these will be studied and from 1 to 3 e-platforms will be selected to be used, tested and piloted in the latest Intellectual Output.

IO 3


Interactive video and narrative branched scenarios

The OERs will be developed as interactive video training pills, which combine entertainment and learning and increase the involvement of learners (immersive education), maximizing the effectiveness of learning even after the end of the project.

IO 4


Testing and online sales competitions

Due to the innovative nature of the training course, this will be tested on a panel of 65 (20 IT, 15 AT, 15 FI, 15 DK) university students. During this phase online sales competitions will be organized in the different Partner Countries.
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