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Sales Education Landscape

Where to find the best professional content to learn the best sales news? Nowadays it is important to have an open, resilient and flexible attitude towards your sales career, whether it is just starting out or has been running for years. As part of the S.PLA.S.H.project, we have developed the Sales Education Landscape: a platform that collects all the selected, cataloged and high-profile courses, screened by expert researchers and teachers of marketing and sales.

Starting from the concept of Tech Environment and Sales Tech Stack, we wanted to respond to the needs of high-profile sales education and training, in some specific aspects of the profession. In particular, we have divided the courses and educational contents available in the platforms and aspects of sales, such as Sales Management and Professional Selling, and we have also added two categories that collected Digital Sales and Team Sales, because themes present in many of the courses analyzed and in line with the major trends in vogue at the moment, as attested by the previous research carried out in the S.PLA.S.H.


is a useful representation for students, teachers, professionals and researchers to know and easily access educational content that can be used to enrich existing courses in universities or training programs, or for personal study.

Come on Sales Education!

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