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S.PLA.S.H. at GSSI 2021

A Splash team attended the #GSSI2021 Conference presenting the preliminary results of Sales Platform Studies for H.E. (Erasmus+ Project).

In the next years the SPLASH project will create, test, disseminate and systematize an original learning format, based on e-learning platforms, for courses on international sales and digital selling at European level, in order to develop the skills for university students.A reconnaissance of the e-learning platforms that already deal with sales will be made and the project team will integrate their contents with updates topics clearly as #OpenEducationalResources so that they can be accessible to all. Furthermore, it will be organized a #salescompetition online.

It was really inspiring to see how the work done so far by the project has been considered interesting by other colleagues, professors, researchers and trainers in the sales field.

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