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European university students are competing to internationalize their country's businesses

Aggiornamento: 12 mar 2021

It looks like a game and instead it is an experimentation, complete with simulations of real situations simulated in digital platforms to offer students training moments. It gives the opportunity to develop a real study course in international sales and digital selling at European level.

The latter is the task of the international working group made up of universities, chambers of commerce and trade associations from Italy, Denmark, Finland and Austria, which met for the first time this morning. The task of coordinating the process was entrusted to the Management Department of the Polytechnic University of Marche. A prestigious assignment for a highly sought-after profession.

Just think that in the Manpower job rankings, the figures operating in the sales area are among the most in demand worldwide.

“Yet - highlights Silvio Cardinali - the degree courses dedicated to sales management in digital transformation are limited. Training is still oriented towards traditional methodologies, especially in sales teaching where an experiential training is required and a strong synergy between universities and companies is required to promote students' employability ".

The project, named S.PLA.S.H. (Sales PLAtform Studies for Higher-education), is co-financed by the Erasmus + Program and will be developed over three years and will produce this new training path, training university students enrolled in university business, marketing and sales programs, ready to face the new labor market challenges. Companies will also be involved in the training sessions and will evaluate the results of the team works and conduct job interviews too.

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