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Call For Students - Sales Competition

Application call in the testing phase and Competition of “SPLASH” Sales PLAtform Studies for Higher Education” Erasmus + Project

Programme in the Higher Education - Key Action 2 - Agreement n. 2020-1-I T02-K A203-079882

This call aims to invite participants for testing, for free, innovative tools for training in the field of Sales and participate to online sales competition. Participants will receive an in-depth insight into state-of-the-art skills and knowledge in the field of Complex Selling in Hybrid context, then will test them in a practical way in the business field giving researchers and companies valuable feedback.

The registration is open from 31 th january to 28th of february. Applicants will be informed about selection results in 15 days after the call is closed. The selected applicants will be provided access to the e-learning platform (, with the loaded OERs and the additional tools. The Open Education Materials are about: digital / hybrid sales process, relationship management in a virtual / hybrid context; traditional and virtual story-selling in complex situations, social selling and sales technology, emotional (intelligent) selling in virtual communication, team based selling in a traditional, virtual, and hybrid world. In addition narrative branched scenarios video are available for students.

Applicants will be included the online sales competition. Splash aim to provide a sales competition that focuses on the competencies and skills identified in the project using both face-to-face and online interactions. Understanding that the sales process is not equal to the sales negotiation, we want to include the entire sales process in the sales competition. Our point of departure will be the Value-Based Sales Process (Töytäri et al., 2011). The SPLASH sales competition aims to include elements of preparation, sales meetings, and evaluation.

SPLASH sales competition is based on a sales process focusing on the early-buying phase. It evaluates both the online and in-person phases. Evaluation is based on sales technology, and all the assessment is done in the CRM environment. In this competition, the peer evaluations are having an important role and supporting students to learn about evaluating other students and how to give feedback. This is an important skill for their possible sales manager work in the future.

A prerequisite for successful participation is that the students have received teaching and are familiar with the concepts of complex B2B selling and methods and activities associated with sales in a complex b2b environment.

Call for participation

The call for participation is open for any European students who can prove enrollment in any European country program (available during the period);

The call is inviting students of the 1st and 2nd of Bologna cycle (Bachelor and Master programmes); students must be in the 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor program students or Master students in their 1st or 2nd year;

Students should be enrolled into Management, International Business and Management, Marketing, International Marketing, International Management, Economics, or Business and Administration programs at any European University.

Activities - Timing

Access to the online materials- from end of February

Finish the online material - Within end of April

Sales Competition will be held from beginning of March to 8th and 9th May (final Event)

Registration form click HERE

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